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Venn Diagrams and Carroll Diagrams

I do not have time to write, but here I am anyway!

Yesterday we started working with Venn diagrams. I layed two hoola hoops on the ground and we sorted ourselves into them according to the headings. The first two were “brother/has only one sibling”. We also did “blond hair/male” and “female/born in October, November, December”. I do not have any children with other gender identities, but you may need to adjust accordingly. For the final two sorts, I wanted to sort them in a way that might be meaningful to someone so they would see a possible real-world application. I told them that I have seen a lot of people serving oranges to children at halftime in soccer games so I wondered if children who like soccer always like oranges. That was our next sort: likes soccer/likes oranges. It turned out to be more true than not, so we concluded it would be safe for me to plan to serve oranges at a soccer game, or to take orange juice.

Next, I said that schools are always thinking about how children who are tired have a harder time concentrating in school so it would be helpful to know why some children come to school tired. I have a theory, I told them, that some children are more tired than others because they have to get up earlier so they can catch the bus. Our sorting categories were “rode the bus to school/woke up before 7:00 a.m.” There was a nearly perfect correlation – bus riders get up earlier than those who walk or get dropped off. We talked about how this might be solved, and concluded that if we had a few more busses people wouldn’t need to be picked up as early, but agreed that a few more busses is easier said than done.

Today we used this digital Venn diagram tool:

I let everyone come to the board and write a number in the correct circle so basically I am now the best teacher ever because writing on the whiteboard is a very special treat!

New to the 2020 Ontario math curriculum is the Carroll Diagram. It was previously in the French curriculum in Ontario, but not English. Every year I’m trying to find some good Carroll diagrams to use and this year I decided to make some. We are going to use them tomorrow.

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