Summer Math: Canadian Tire Money

My children have been collecting Canadian Tire money this summer. It started one day in July when I received two 10 cent bills there.  I gave them each one, and the collections were born.  The grown-ups in our family aren’t serious about it, so they have found it lying around, in drawers, on their dad’s dresser, and used as book marks.

We need to go to go out this morning for some errands and my daughter just said, ” Can we go to Canadian Tire today?”  I asked her why and she replied, “You know I’m filthy rich with Canadian Tire money!”

I sent her to count out her money. We’ve done this a few times now this summer.  I am convinced that counting money is the only way kids learn how to count money.  No amount of classroom instruction or worksheets will truly help.  They need their hands on the money!  We had a lemonade stand and they counted up that money.  Claire is saving her money to buy her own tablet, so we’ve counted up that money over and over and over. And of course the Canadian Tire money.  She has no plan for what she can buy today.

Here are the skills we have practiced:  sorting the money, grouping the money to count it, rolling the money in to coin wrappers, adding on by 5s, 10s, 25s and dollars.  We are getting pretty good at it.