Last week I wrote about using the 100 board in class. There are many games that can be played with a 100 board, and all of them help strengthen a child’s number sense.

I recently bought some 100 board games from Arnold Tutoring, and we’ve been having a great time with them at home. We like to play all sorts of games, so it was easy to convince my children to play these!

Both games were definitely worth the money! I can download a 100 board for free, but by the time I copy, laminate, buy all the game supplies and a nice container to keep it all in, it will have cost me a bit. Plus: I have no time! So the games were definitely worth the $— I spent. And I didn’t have to pay for shipping. And I love internet shopping. Really, this was more like an investment in my quality of life. (Seriously!)

“What’s my number?” is like one of our favourite games, which is called “Guess Who?” Except this is played with numbers instead of people. “Add to 10” is a bit tricky for us right now, but we easily changed it to suit us (my son is good with numbers, but he’s only in grade 1, so not quite ready for double digit addition.). We rolled the very nice 0-9 die, and then talked about our strategy for moving forward on the board. If nothing else the game would have paid for itself just using it this way. But I know we’ll get to more involved math before the end of the school year. This game set will grow with us.

These are games meant to replace math worksheets. They are for families that want to strengthen their child’s math skills, and have a good time doing it.