Family Math Time!

We’re having some family time this week. I’ve been asking my going-in-to-grade-12 niece and about-to-start-2nd-year-of-university nephew math questions.

First we looked at this:

I saw it on Twitter the other day. (I need to start saving the whole tweet so I can credit the source!)

Today we did this:

The most interesting thing for me is that all 3 of us used different strategies each time. There was counting, proportional reasoning, fractions, decimals, and relative area.  We had to talk about it to see if we agreed and spontaneously justified our answers to each other. I should point out that both are excellent students, and both are confident math students.  You might even say they like doing math for no apparent reason when their auntie gives them a puzzle. 😉

Now I want to keep asking them questions, and I want to get them to talk to me about their math learning.

Corbett Family gatherings are about to go over the top!

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